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“We are not a big kennel and only have a few carefully chosen litters a year. We do however believe that we breed some of the highest quality German Shepherds available in North America from the Best European Bloodline Available.
                                       Why European GSDs??
They only register German Shepherd Puppies from Parents who were "LICENSED" to breed. The puppies are tattooed in the club’s district. Tattooing them is a requirement for registration in the “studbook” (official SV records of GSDs, also known as “breed book”).
European GSDs are regulated and documented by the German Shepherd Club of Germany, who has worked hard in preserving this breed. They ensure that the breeding processes produce great European German Shepherds in terms of working abilities, temperament, and physical attributes. Contrary to American lines, the European Shepherd has a stronger emphasis on temperament and ability when it comes to showing and breeding. The goal of the SV is "To create a very high level of serviceability." Thus, there are high standards and regulations regarding health, conformation, and temperament in Europe that a German Shepherd must meet in order to be allowed to breed.

Those three categories all work together in contributing toward a dog's "serviceability"; each is thus of equal importance and a dog is inhibited if lacking in any. Because of these high standards, the average European Showline shepherd is superior to the average American Showline shepherd in all regards. It's important to note that due to these extensive health and temperament standards, the cost to breed a European Shepherd well is highly expensive and thus the cost of a good puppy is also high. It's worth the investment, however, when it comes to the emotional benefits a well-tempered and trustworthy dog provides; combined with good health for a long-lasting relationship. The following is true of any breed: a badly bred dog that is prone to genetic disorders and disease ends up costing the owner more in vet bills in the long run as opposed to purchasing a healthy pup in the first place. This doesn't even count all the hassle; frustration; and expensive and time-consuming attempts at behavioral correction that often results from purchasing a badly bred and poorly raised pup. 

 We base the foundation of our breeding program on our health tested German Shepherds. We also track the genetic makeup of our dogs through health records to the amount of recessive genetic problems within our bloodlines. This level of health focus is extremely rare within German Shepherd breeders. Most breeders simply breed their adult German Shepherds without an extensive knowledge of their genetic makeup or worse, knowingly breed unhealthy parents simply to make an extra dollar.
Our Socialization Program focuses on molding each puppy’s unique needs In creating the perfect family dog, we understand the importance of developing positive personality traits in our Pups. Socialization ensures that your puppy will adapt smoothly to its new family. Every puppy is introduced daily to new experiences and stimulation that help develop their behavior and personality. They’re introduced to other dogs, children, sounds, car rides, and (approved) strangers. Many behavior issues that adult dogs develop are directly related to their experiences as a puppy. By creating positive, developmental experiences, we ensure our pups develop into confident, well rounded adults. We view our dogs as a family affair, we understand the importance of adopter support. We know trainers and veterinary clinics can be extremely expensive, so we pride ourselves in being experts in all things. This is certainly not to say we can replace professional medical and training services, but knowledgeable support that actually cares can be priceless. 
I am a Responsible Breeder for Life..The best part of being a breeder. (No, it's not putting away the newspapers and puppy food.) It's having those great families I selected to call me with news of their first veterinarian visit, first dog event, first win! It's getting letters. It's getting holiday cards. It's getting family portraits with my puppy (yes, it'll always be mine) smack in the middle. What's not to love about being a breeder at these times? But now can come the worst part, too. It's the nice young couple who is divorcing and neither person can keep the dog and many other reasons….As a responsible breeders, I am there for all situations - both good and bad. I know I was responsible for this puppy being born, so I am responsible for it until the day it dies. I am always willing to provide guidance and answer as many questions as I am asked. I am always concerned about my puppies. One breeder once said the most satisfying phone call she received came 14 years after she bred her first litter. The caller said one of "her" (the breeder's) dogs had died of old age. At that moment the breeder knew she was responsible for bringing years of the same kind of love and joy she experienced from her dogs into someone else's home.

Ultimately, that should be why you want to breed in the first place...Amen